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  • Âge : 40
  • Sexualité : Bisexuel
  • Privé : 5 cd/min
  • Show VIP : 10 cd/min (Voyeur : 5 cd/min)
  • Vidéos : 5 cd/min


  • Description : I'm so different that I can't say who I am real. Today I am an iron lady, who tells everyone go to hell with strict glance. But next day, I'm a naive little girl, who can cry because of an offensive word. Today I eat in a luxurious restaurant in a little black dress, and tomorrow I will eat with my hands barbecue sausages in a county house. Today I look with horror at the girls who have dr*nk too much "schnapps", and tomorrow I will walk around the city at night with an open bottle of champagne in my hands, drinking it. Today I go do sports until the seventh sweat and eat a vegetable salad, and tomorrow I will order a pizza and lots of portions of rolls at home, just because I want to. So crazy you say? Well, yes, I agree. Not everyone can handle me. And can you?
  • En ligne : Almost everyday
  • J'aime : I love confident men with beautiful hands...also I love watching. Love dirty talks, it excites me so much. I will be excited by your voice, your lustful look..Don't forget about dirty talks and roleplaying. What else? Touching my tits excites me
  • Je n'aime pas : Rude and greedy me
  • Je parle : Anglais


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